I did it!

Now we bulk and work on getting bigger and leaner for next time!   


7 weeks out

Its been a long time without an update.  Best way to keep up with me is in IG @ ashleystandrews..
Anyways!  I’m currently 7 weeks out from my first competition.  This whole process has been.. Well a process.  Between prepping and life and lifting, I’ve also been keeping busy doing product logging on bodybuilding.com and now I’m logging on supp talk forums.  It’s a lot of fun.
I have now lost over 90lbs since I started this journey

And things are coming together, but I am still terrified that I won’t be ready.  I’ll be taking my new progress pic in the morning most likely… Maybe Monday.

Big decisions

I’ve made the decision to skip wrestlemania this year. Even changed my time off request. I’m going to try to go to the Arnold instead. It’s closer. It also is more affordable. Depending on work and army, my boyfriend may come as well. If not I’m fine going alone. I actually really enjoy traveling alone. Also in the plans is I want to attend a warehouse gym training camp…. Just waiting on a release date for new tickets and dates for the camps.

December update

I’ve picked two shows, but I need to get the exact dates for them. The first one I below is in June, and the second will be in August. I’m still wiffle waffling between whether to compete in bikini or figure. I’ve made a lot more progress over the last 14 weeks than I had noticed.

I just don’t see me leaning out like a bikini girl. I see figure. I still have a ways to go but I am getting there.
I had an amazing leg workout day before yesterday..





Then I did back and biceps yesterday… I’ve been in the gym 12 of the last 14 days. Today is a rest day.
I’m starting to get back up above body weight on some of my exercises finally. I pulled a 140lb dead lift for 4 reps for the first time too.





I’m super low carb and grumpy… I think I have decided to go to the Arnold Classic and skip wrestlemania *gasp*

I leave you with pics.