The last week or so has been absolute madness… I went on a few dates with the guy that sent me flowers, and that fizzled.  I’m not sure if he felt that I didn’t feel it or if I pissed him off when after he kept saying that he was tired and he gets grumpy when he is tired and then he says things that always end relationships, I asked what he said and he said he didn’t know, and then he said it again and again, I told him maybe he should stop saying whatever it was that pissed people off… That last date alone, could be a whole entry by its self.  Oh and one night when we were kissing he BIT my arm like legit bit it, AND left a bruise.  I’m all for some fun, but don’t bite my arms, that hurts. Bad. 

I swear, we went to Dollywood, and we had a decent time, but every time I turned around… I’m hungry and I get grumpy when I’m hungry… Ok we will get food when we get off this ride.  I’m hungry and I get really grumpy when I’m hungry.. Ok I didn’t bring snacks we will get food in a few minutes.  I’m hungry.. I know and you get grumpy when you are hungry, we will go get food as soon as we get off this ride.  Over and over. Wash rinse repeat.  Still managed to have fun, but one can on,y listen to that so much.

Summer is putting a definite crimp in my gym time.  Kids are always home and it’s hard to get to the gym when I have to find a sitter for three.  My p90x and t25 DVDs came in a few days ago and my foot hasn’t hurt in days for the first time in a month, so I may give them a go tonight.  My goal this summer has turned into a maintain and if I improve great if not, come august when the kids go to school, no excuses I am kicking my training into over time.  I was planning on going today, because I thought I was going to be able to leave the hospital while my dad has an out patient procedure done, but I apparently can’t.  So I am sitting here, reading and blogging. 

I myself was in the ER two nights ago, I’ve been fighting a migraine for 4 days now? It goes back and forth between migraine and headache.  Most likely it is related to the weather.  We have had a bunch of storm fronts moving through and it is greatly frustrating.  They prescribed me imitrex, but I prefer not to take it and to just suffer.  I’m not big on medicine.  The ER gave me a hefty dose of dilaudid which was nice but short lived.  I also had to go to work a few hours later.  Cutting hair while in a fog is always fun…

Hopefully the weather will make up it’s mind soon.  Posting this now.  May work on a dating horrors post for later since I am going to be stuck here for awhile.


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