Dating the Single Mom


Dating The Single Mom


So I suddenly find myself single again and even though I’m not looking for something immediately serious, I’m lonely. I want a companion, a partner in crime, someone to share the good and the bad with, you know the drill. So I think to myself HEY why no rejoin those dating site that did so much “good” in the first place. I’ve found some somewhat worthy relationships on there in the past and obviously since I’m searching again, those worked out so well. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed those relationships while they lasted, but looking back they were very VERY flawed, and since I would like to not repeat those mistakes I went back to where those relationships started, because THAT makes sense. Honestly I am sure there ARE some great people on the multiple sites I have joined, but it is just a matter of finding a prince among the frogs… The great many many frogs. And a few slugs, I’m fairly certain I’ve come across some slimey slugs as well. This is going to be an adventure.



A little about me

For this little journey to make more sense, let me tell you about me, I am a single mom of three wonderful children (read: terrors). Their father is away (I’m not really sure where, he’s just away and not in the picture), so I have them 100% of the time unless I’m at work or I have a sitter. About that little fact, I work, I have a full time job on top of being a mom, which honestly seems to baffle some guys when I can’t drop everything, but I’m getting off topic now…. My photo above is highly edited, more so than any photo I have on a dating site. I own the fact that it is edited, don’t try to hide it, but I chose an edited one for a reason, which I will explain at a later date. I’m 5’1.5″ tall and every bit of that half inch counts, ask any guy how important half an inch can be. One of my friends one described me as having big hair big eyes and big boobs and it wasn’t fair because that’s why all the wrestlers flock to me at shows… I guess it’s not all about the milkshakes? I tend to attract and be attracted to crazy, I don’t know why, it just happens, and that is what I am trying to avoid. I’m making personal changes to better myself, I eat right, take all the right vitamins and supplements, and to quote LMFAO “I work out”. I’m not the least bit conceited, I do think that I am a catch, but I know that I have ways I can improve,no one is perfect, and I am not looking for perfection, just someone to complete me.




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