Pet peeves

It’s the little things…

that make me decide whether or not to reply to a message or to send a message first.  I actually want to meet someone that looks like their picture.  I went on a date almost two years ago, and it wasn’t a bad date, but the guy was easily 50lbs heavier than his picture and 10 years older, and that just makes for a really awkward date… From that point forward I started looking for little things like this.


See that little time stamp there? Year 2008.  I know it’s not a miss print because ironically I used to know the person trying to pass this off as a current photo.  He’s actually a year older than me and looky here he also lies about his age on his profile

Here’s the thing apparently people forget (girls as well as guys), if you hit it off with someone on these sites, they are eventually going to want to meet face to face, and I don’t know about you, but I actually want to be able to recognize my date when I walk into the room without having to play is it or is it not them type of games.  Just because a relationship shouldn’t be based on someone’s physicality (or maybe it should be if you are looking for a quick hook up I’m not one to judge), doesn’t mean I want to start a relationship on an out right deception.  Why tweak your photos until you look like a clown?

I know exactly which photo editor this next guy used as well. I’ve used it many times but not for dating site photos.

His other body shots sppear to be airbrushed as well (I took some liberty covering his eyes), but if his face isnt edited maybe I need someone to check my eyes… I’ve used the same app or one very similar before to clean up some of my own photos.


When I had this picture on my profile the second picture is always what I used, I wouldn’t want anyone showing up and looking for the first one when they are getting the second.  Just some things to think about.


What do you say?

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