First Impressions

It’s only human nature…


We all do it whether we mean to or not, you see someone or something and you quickly make a snap judgement.  Sometimes it’s positive and sometimes it’s negative and sometimes it’s “yeah… He is hiding someone in his basement.”.  Some people you see them, and you just want to get to know them, others it can take some convincing… Sometimes that convincing can appear to be borderline stalking but they have support groups for that until you get kicked out of them, but THAT is a story for a another day…anyways, my point is that when you send a message to someone you don’t know, you want to make a good first impression.  At the least you don’t want to tick any one off or scare someone.

Thanks, but I’m not looking for someone who just thinks I’m hott! Physical attraction is important, but not a good opening line. Plus hot is spelled with only one t.

Persistence is not always key. If at first you don’t succeed sending 5 messages probably isn’t going to do it.

Apologizing for writing me… Yeah I’m going to be that much less likely to respond.  We’ve all dated that woe is me person who plays the nobody likes me everybody hates me I guess I’ll go eat worms.. That guy up there is probably him.


I clicked on this guys page to see what he was about.  Decided he wasn’t what I was looking for and I went to the next profile.  He messages me maybe 10 minutes after I looked at his page, and the rest is self explanatory.

These next two are what I will call special snow flakes.  I’ve had previous experiences with them on POF before and I remember them because their first impressions were not good.  Yet I rejoin and they are back.  One of them has actually messaged me on multiple sites and just does not get it.

(Side note I go by Liz but for search engine purposes I’m going to choose to be Vanessa)


If you didn’t have any reason to choose your first impression carefully you have several now. Other creepy things that pretty much guarantee I won’t respond to you message is any message that starts out with a term of endearment when I don’t know you (think baby sweetie honey doll sugar), including naked pictures that have not been asked for, or asking if I would like to get to know you AND your girlfriend. Choose your words wisely.



What do you say?

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