Girl kik me

 And that was the moment I realized I’m “old”...

At the ripe old age of 29, I have come to the conclusion that I am no longer up to date enough with technology to date guys my own age or younger, not that I typically date much younger because I prefer for my kids to eventually have a dad not a cool older brother, but that’s beside the point. It seems that when I message guys around my own age, two messages they are like hey girl kik me at ____.  Now I’m not stupid I know kik is a text messaging app, but why not just message more on the dating site until you know each other to use real text messages, or why not just use a texting app that hides your real number but anyone can text to without having to download a program that you can only message other people that have that specific program? Apparently I am just set in my ways. 

The other thing that I am seeing all the time is people have their kik name on their dating profile and a message like hey I don’t check my messages here so just kik me.  What is the point of that? I’ve also seen hey my snapchat is blablabla snap me something and make it interesting! Yeah I don’t have a snapchat either.  Apparently I am just not cool any more.


What do you say?

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