in the sake of fairness

So maybe guys aren’t the only crazy ones… 

So we all have our own little quirks… See above that’s mine.  It either makes guys love me or sends them running.  I can be a bit (read: huge) of a fan girl.  I can talk for days about wrestling non stop.  I love to take pictures at shows, I love to go to shows, I love to meet the wrestlers (I’ve sworn off dating them, but they keep finding me..).  I’m pretty sure I’ve sent a few sane guys running today because of my sudden decision to take off for New Orleans for WRESTLEMANIA 30 in the morning.  Oh and since I couldn’t get a sitter I am bringing my kids.  In less than 5 minutes I managed to buy tickets, book a hotel, and secure a rental car, and since then I’ve been I’m OMG I haven’t done laundry, I haven’t packed, I’m not ready for this mode.   Did I mention it’s a 10 hour drive to NOLA? But it’s wrestle freakin mania!  It’s the streak! It’s john cena! It’s hulk hogan, the rock, Brock lesnar,STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! How could I miss this when given the chance?  Anyways it’s pretty obvious guys aren’t the only crazy ones on these sites….


What do you say?

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