Why I date Assholes

Why I Date Assholes…


Neediness drives me insane.  I have enough neediness for the entire relationship and I know this, and it’s not to say that assholes can’t be needy, they can be, but it seems that all the single, “nice” guys that I find, miss me after one date, constantly want to know what I’m doing, where I am, why I’m not responding.  The guy I had the date with sent this last night…

Dude really? It’s after one in the morning and even if I was on plenty of fish, what does it matter?  Honestly I was asleep and I don’t know why the app showed me as online, but honestly, I haven’t made any commitment to him, so it really doesn’t matter.


Somewhere there is a happy medium, a guy who isn’t an asshole and isn’t needy, but I haven’t found him yet.  I like to have space until I don’t want to.  I love to text/talk but I hate feeling like I have to disclose every movement.  Hey… I’m in the kitchen… Now I’m on the couch… Just watching tv…  Pretty certain I can cut my losses on this one.


What do you say?

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