Soooooo I Have a Little Problem

Soooooo I have a little problem…

I am absolutely terrified of dental work.  I cry even talking about it at work, or to my friends.  Which normally wouldn’t be a problem, except tomorrow I have a fun filled day with my youngest at the hospital having a cavity filled because he won’t sit for it at the office and I refuse to hold him down for it.  That would only traumatize the both of us.  So we are off to children’s hospital early tomorrow to have this done and it will probably be 4 or 5 before we get to leave.  I’m so excited…. Not.


Speaking of, I am pretty sure that I have a cavity or two that needs to be filled, and it is going to take someone to drive me, drugs, and gas to get it done.  My dentist learned a long time ago it’s just better for everyone if I fall asleep during the whole procedure.


His whole procedure shouldn’t take more than 30ish minutes, but what will take the longest, is the admitting and the recovery.  He went to bed in tears tonight saying that he didn’t want it fixed.  It’s bothering him at bed time some nights, so it has to be fixed and we can’t put it off.  Somehow I have a filling taking him into the hospital is going to be about as fun as trying to out a cat into a sink full of water…


What do you say?

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