Total Randomness

Total Randomness


Nothing says a fun filled day like a 4 year old with obsessive compulsive tendencies that doesn’t want to take his shoes off to wear the hospital socks…

There has been a lot of tears involved in the last 30 minutes.  All over the stupid socks.  I get it, I really do, I have my own issues, but this is a non negotiable.  I did however remember to bring coloring books, and I let him bring his nasty, dirty, ratted, tatted, precious “ducky”.

The 6 year old is off to the zoo with her kindergarten class today.  She woke me up well before 6 am already dressed and ready to leave.  Her sister actually cooperated today as well. First morning all week that I didn’t have to fight anyone and we got to school on time.  ACTUALLY they were 30 minutes early.  

I am now down over 40lbs since September/December.  Which only leaves 25-30 more pounds until my final goal weight.  It’s hard to believe that I am finally over half way there.  My medium t shirts are getting too big and I have started buying smalls now.  So excited.  

The t shirt is today, the second was last week and so on with the last being my starting picture.


I can’t wait until the last of the weight comes off!  What do y’all do to lose or maintain your weight?


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