Thinking and Reflecting

Thinking And Reflecting…

Somehow I always end up falling for the guys that aren’t ready for a relationship.  The ones that are fresh out of something long term, and past the rebound, but not ready for anything serious.  The ones that have personal struggles to work through.  The ones who feel like they aren’t capable of loving due to things that they have done in the past.  Then somehow, after we break up they find someone… Someone they can love, someone that can be there person, and I’m just over here like oh hey… Just call me chuck. 

I try to tell myself that they are my stepping stones to mr. Right… But really it just feels like I’m their stepping stone while I’m remaining stagnant.  I know that I have grown so much since I have started dating, but I’m getting impatient.  I want so badly to have someone to come home to, someone to come home to me.  Someone to share the good and the bad with.  Someone to lean on when things get hard.  Yet I seem to find the guys that just can’t handle it, or just don’t care.  I know I deserve someone that cares, so I just ship mr. Wrong along to his soon to be mrs. Right, and sit over here in my corner like hey I’m chuck… 


What do you say?

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