Throw Away The Scale…

Throw Away The Scale…

Lots of happenings over the last weekish.  I was pretty discouraged that the scale really hadn’t moved in almost a month just feeling kinda bla.  So this week I really stepped up the cardio, and I’ve lost about 2 pounds, I’m excited, but when I took this picture before my date last night, I was once again reminded that I need to just ignore the scale…

This is about a one month difference.  Exact same outfit.. Even down to the chosen underwear.. Different shoes because I chose to wear cowboy boots instead of my knee highs. I am absolutely amazed at how much my waist has come in, and I can even see a difference in my arms and my legs. This next photo is from December until yesterday.  In December I couldn’t even get the skirt on much less button it.

The pants are 3 sizes larger than the skirt to put that into some perspective.


Anyways, I’ve been spending a lot of time at the pool with the kiddos because school is out now, which is why I look like a lobster.  I’m great at applying sunblock to the kids.. Not so much to myself apparently.  I think we spent almost 5 hours at the pool yesterday.  After the pool, I went on to go to dinner with the really great guy that lives a little bit away from here.  Unless something changes, he is driving up on Sunday and we are going to go to a baseball game.  I’m excited.  I love going to sporting events, and I’m excited to get to know him better.

I’ve been hitting the gym hard.  I am up over body weight on several of my exercises and still increasing the weight and making major gains.  I went to the gym today despite the sun burn, probably not my smartest idea ever, but I pushed through and put in two hours.  One hour being weights, then a 30 minute weight/cardio circuit, 15 on the elliptical, and another 15 warming up/cooling down.

I’m ending this with some random pics including some pool pics!


One thought on “Throw Away The Scale…

  1. You are doing great, and should be very justifiably proud of your progress. It is cool that you have pics in the same outfit, or parts of outfits from when you started. It makes the before /after that much easier to see. Although, it would have been noticeable anyway.

    Keep up the great work!

    Don’t pitch the scale just yet, it will start moving again soon. In the meantime, bask in the glory of the inches you’ve lost, and in how great you are feeling about yourself.

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