I am down a total of 3 pounds this week. It’s nice to see the scale finally moving again.  I went to the gym with a friend yesterday and he showed me some new things that I can do at the gym.  I learned that I can hold my form for squats if I add weight.  When I try to do them at body weight, all my old dance habits kick in and I lose my form.  With weight on the smith machine, I can do them and keep form.  I also learned how to dead lifts and some other exercises with barbells.  My back is absolutely on fire from the dead lifts today. I don’t have a sitter so I can’t make it to the gym today, but it’s probably for the best.

That being said the reason I don’t have a sitter for the gym is because I have a sitter tonight for MONDAY NIGHT RAW.  I am so excited. I have a bunch of friends going.  None of us are sitting together, but it will be a blast. 

I took the kids to a Tennessee smokies baseball game last night with the friend from out of town.  They had fireworks after the show, and we all had a really good time.  The kids were much more well behaved than the last time I took them to a baseball game. My youngest made friends with the drunk college boys behind us.  He must have talked to them and high fived them for an hour.

I have gym time planned for tomorrow and hopefully Wednesday. I need a big leg day and some good cardio time put in. The rest of the week depends on my mom and my sitters.  So we will see.


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