I have never understood chronically late people.  It is rude.  It is inconsiderate.  It drives me insane especially if I am paying a sitter to spend time with you.  If it happens repeatedly I can almost guarantee that I won’t want to continue to spend time with you.  Of everything, it is probably my biggest pet peeve.

So date 1… We were supposed to go to dinner and bowling.n I was running on limited time, it was a school night and I needed to be able to get the kids to sleep. 45 minutes late.  We went to dinner and grabbed dessert and I was 15ish later than I expected getting home.  Not a huge deal I let it slide because he had a long drive and got stuck at work.  He showed up clean and showered, i was mostly ok with it.

Date 2… We decided we were going to go to a local MiLB game.  We were supposed to leave around 4.  He shows up a few minutes after 5.  We made it to our seats right as the first pitch was thrown out. My second pet peeve is personal cleanliness.  He showed up in a shirt with holes all in it. I should probably mention I am used to dating army guys and officers and I’ve probably been a little spoiled on personal appearance and grooming and such.  I ignored it because he was running late but whatever, they weren’t huge gaping holes just tons of tiny worn ones. Annoyed me but I tried to push past it.

Date 3… He wanted to come over and cook out since I wasn’t supposed to be on my feet with my foot being hurt. He was supposed to come over around 6.  He texts me a few min before 4 says he just got off work, is going home to shower and change and will be leaving. 7:15 he calls and says he just got off at my exit and still has to go to the store. Oh and he didn’t get a chance to shower or change and can he use my shower… Oh and do I have my clippers home from work because he needs a haircut.. Ummmm excuse me?  My mouth about hit the floor.  So I had to haul ass to clean up may bathroom because my kids don’t have a shower curtain in theirs.  He got to my house a little after 8, and was like you seem annoyed.  Yep. Yep I am pretty annoyed.  

On the first date, he asked me my pet peeves, and I told him that tardiness drives me absolutely insane.  He was like oh crap I definitely won’t be late the next time… Yeah that worked well.


2 thoughts on “Punctuality

  1. I got annoyed just reading that. That’s a big pet peeve of mine too. If you’re going to be late there had better be a damned good reason. Good luck! I hope it gets better for you.

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