A Shiny Penny…

A Shiny Penny…

Yesterday is the last time I am making a Hunger Games reference to my children in regards to just letting them hash it out on their own.  We are in the midst of summer break and it has barely started and they are already at each other’s throats.  I was trying to get ready for work, and my youngest was whining and opening and shutting and opening and shutting and opening my door.  So I finally just shut it locked it and on my personal twitter tweeted something along the lines of happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor… May the strongest survive.  Once the settled back down I opened my door back up and about two minutes later, my middle comes running in.

“It’s stuck it’s stuck!!!”

“What’s stuck?”

“What I swallowed” points at throat

“What did you swallow?”

“A penny!”

At this point I’m like well do I tell her to cough? Do I tell her to swallow? I knew Heimlich wouldn’t work, she was talking and breathing. About that time she’s like I don’t think it’s stuck any more.  Our pediatrician is also a friend, so I text her, ask if she’s working, explain the situation, get told to bring her in for X-rays to make sure it’s not really stuck still.  Personal drama ensues that I am not ready to get into yet.  My mom has to take k2 and the others to the doctor because I was unable to.  I spent the better part of an hour in tears and finally took something to calm me down.  I have to call in the morning and see if they got the X-rays back because I haven’t heard anything today. Yesterday sucked all around.


I finally was able to get my butt back in the gym today.  I did an hour and a half of upper body weights and 30 minutes on the bicycle.  I’m back to following my diet to a T.  No more cheating.  Every time I cheat my anxiety goes way way up and I feel like crap.  Being off my foot for a week really set me back in more than just physical ways.  I’m not comfortable resuming full activity on it yet.  Today I did almost all arms.  I may have thrown in some squats but I would never admit to doing something I shouldn’t have done.  I also did some back and some deadlifts.  My foot isn’t totally killing me so I think it is starting to heal.  My plan for next week is to start adding in my leg press.  I hope to add in my other legs later this week minus toe raises.  Toe raises may be a month or so because the break is up near my toes.  When I add in my leg press I am going to have to drop it a good 50 pound for awhile.  I’ll just up my reps to compensate for it.  I just don’t want to be putting too much weight on that while it is healing.  I can’t do any impactive cardio for probably a month.  Maybe in 2 weeks I can add in short times in the elliptical and arc/cybex but until then it’s the bike.  I hate the bike.  And absolutely no cardio/weight circuit because of the stairs and that sucks greatly.  I’m still feeling really good and positive and after having two hours in the gym I feel like myself again.  I’ve got this.  I just have to be a little more patient.


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