Big Pat on the Back

Big Pat On The Back…

I got up bright and early this morning.  Dropped the kids off at the sitter.. Drug my ass to the gym.  Mostly an arm and back day with 30 of cardio.  Started off with some squats and modified dead lifts (ya know since a certain gym won’t allow real ones, we make do…) moved to the role on the pulley and then some machines followed by 30 minutes on the bicycle since I can’t do any impactive cardio for a few weeks more.  I pushed out 6 miles on it though.  I pushed hard enough I forgot my lock combination.  That is nothing new though.

When I got home from the gym I sat down and noticed that body Spartan had a new article up (that’s the fitness and diet plan I have been following), so I opened it up to read and I was scrolling down and saw this…

Some of the photos I had submitted through twitter were used on their site! They have an amazingly awesome program and gabe tuft/Tyler reks, has been amazingly hands on with advice and encouragement the whole time.  I highly recommend his book for motivation and fitness/nutrition plans.. Anyways I’m moving away from what I am writing about…

I can not even tell you how much I needed this giant pat on the back today.  I have been in a major funk with tons of cheat days ever since I hurt my foot.  I had to back off my work out today and slow down because it was starting to ache.  So frustrating and it’s hard to stay motivated when you can’t push as hard as you want to.  Slow and steady though.

I took the kids to the pool earlier… That was a disaster and I will just leave it at that… Lots of whining and fighting so I took them back home.


I’ll leave you with a photo, the blue shirt is today and the pink one was a month ago!


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