Leg Day…

Leg Day…

Had an awesome workout yesterday.  Focused mainly on legs, but started out with a good core workout of squats and modified deadlifts (on the smith machine… Where I work out doesn’t allow real deadlifts), I want to add back in some lunges, but I think it will put too much weight on where I hurt my foot.  After that I moved into the machines, focusing on legs.  I’m slowly starting to add in more weight, but I’m not up to where I was 3 weeks ago.  I could be, but that wouldn’t be my smartest move ever.  I added back in my toe raises, got my butt chewed by a friend, but I knocked off over 100lbs from where I was so I wasn’t exactly stressing my foot.  I did hit two personal bests on the hip abductor machines, pretty proud about that, it is one of the few machines I didn’t have to cut any weight from because of my foot. After weights, I put in 30 minutes on the bicycle and pushed out 6.8 miles, so all I’m all it was a really good work out.

The I came home and had to clean from top to bottom because they are remodeling my apartment today.  I had to have everything cleaned up and off all the counters and out of the cabinets and tidied up the closets… My closets can be a scary place.  It generally looks like a tornado and earthquake hit at the same time… Come to think of it, that’s normally how my bathroom looks too.  Disaster and chaos tend to follow me around especially with three kids.  I had to get up and mop and vacuum tonight which seems pointless since they are doing construction today but I can’t stand anyone being in here and it not being clean.

I weighed myself before bed last night and my scale showed a new personal low! I’ve really tightened my diet back down this week so that with the gym is helping. Now when I first hurt my foot my diet slipped some and I gained a bit.  Then my hormones had me hold onto some extra water, but now we are back on track.

This pic is from may 22 til yesterday!


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