I was talking to my friend about my workout the other day, and he made a comment about not pushing myself so hard because I have no reason to push.  He’s a super awesome body builder, ex pro wrestler, and I love him to death.  We are alike in a lot of ways, but I can understand why he doesn’t see why I am pushing myself.  For him he is always getting ready for a show.  A few years ago it was to always be in tip top ring and performing shape, and now he is trying to put on 15 pounds of muscle to get ready for a body building show.  To him these are reasons to push yourself, so I can see why me working my tail off with no show, no performance doesn’t make sense to him.   When I gave him my response though, he didn’t have any more argument.  Me.  I push myself for me.

If you don’t take care of yourself first, you can be there to take care of the others in your life.  If you don’t hold yourself to the highest standards, how can you ever expect someone to work as hard for you?   Sometimes, you just have to do things for yourself.  Doing them for someone else, something else, may keep you going for awhile, but it is a lot harder to keep going once that someone or something isn’t in the picture anymore.  Granted that varies some person to person, but for me, I found that once I started doing it for me, and not to show some ex how hot I could be, or to make a boyfriend happy, I made bigger more effective changes, that are continuing to work.

Have a great day!


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