Happy Fathers Day…

Happy Father’s Day…

Today is always a hard day for my little ones.  It’s been over two years since their father has seen them, almost over a year since they have even spoken to him. He couldn’t even manage to send more than a text for their birthdays, which honestly at this point I haven’t even bothered to tell them about, they can hate me later for it.  They see everyone celebrating Father’s Day and they don’t understand why their dad isn’t around, why he doesn’t see them or call.  I do the best I can to be both, but let’s face it, I’m not a guy, it will never be the same.  I’m not close enough to most of my guy friends to let them help out, and the ones that I am close enough to, live too far away to be available.

I know that kids from single parent families frequently turn out just fine, but I also know they are at greater risk for so many things.  I want better for my kids, I want them to be raised right.  I want them to experience all the good things.  It’s just so hard on a single income, where 90% of what little “extra” money I make goes to child care.  My work schedule doesn’t allow for me to get them into sports.  Saturdays are mandatory and pretty much all sports have their games on Saturdays, and if I have to work, I can’t get them there, and it’s not like I can just switch companies, Saturdays are mandatory for my job, not just my company.

So, I encourage you to not just think of the dad’s today, or of the single moms pulling double duty, but think of the kids that have a single parent pulling double duty, that don’t understand why they have a parent that isn’t around.  That don’t get to do all of the fun things because the missing parent doesn’t pay support or see them.  That can’t play sports because the parent has to choose between feeding the family or taking them to a practice or a game.  As hard as it is on me, I think it is that much harder on my kids,


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