fitness stuffs…

Fitness Stuffs…

So a week ago marks 2 months of me going hardcore into lifting weights, and I have made some amazing gains, and set some amazing personal bests.  I am amazed to see such amazing progress when I had to back off take it easy do to the stress fracture in my foot.  My current plan is to take the month of July a bit easier, and keep hitting the gym when I can, and to continue to eat healthy, but not as strict as I have the previous 3 months.  Then come august when I kids go back to school, it is on. The last 30 ish pounds are going to be blasted out of the water, and with all of them in school, I have no excuse to not be at the gym 4 days a week or more. I can drop the kids off at 7 for breakfast, and be at the gym by 7:15.  Even if I work at 9, that gives me an hour to work out and then 45 min to shower and get to work.  I am going to make myself into the best me I can be. 

Progress wise, when I started lifting weights in April, I didn’t do any free weights and was strictly on machines. Now, I kick every work out off on the smith machine and (limited, my gym doesn’t offer a lot) free weights.

My leg press first set started at 50 pounds and last set was 80. Now I start at 130 and finish at 180. I can do a full set at 190 when I am on the circuit as well.

My leg curl started at 30 and maxed at 40.  Today I started at 50 and it was easy, I maxed at 90.

My leg extension started at 30 as well and maxed at 40. Today I started with an easy 40 and maxed at 80. 

My hip abductor exercises started at 70 and maxed at 80 for pushing out.  Pushing in started at 35 and maxed at 60.  Both now start at 150 and max at 190.

My squats are now at 50 and max at 90. Standing toe raises start at 100 and max at 140. Sitting (before the foot injury) I was starting at 170 and maxing at 210.

When I started dead lifts a month ago I was doing 30-50lbs. Now I start at 50 and am up to 80 (actually I think I did 90 today, but forgot to write it down). 

When I look past the visible physical changes I can see in pictures and see the changes I have made in just my workout alone, I am very happy with the progress I have made. Couldn’t be happier honestly.  For two months of transformation, this is better than I could have expected.


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