too much emphasis…

Too Much Emphasis…

I know I place too much emphasis on the scale.  It is just such a tangible unit of measure. Unfortunately it doesn’t take into account muscle that takes up less space than fat or if you gain more weight in muscle than you lose in fat… It shows a gain. So frustrating.  I did finally take measurements from various points around my body for more accurate tracking.  My current hurdle is 150.  One day I will be at 149 and two days later I’m back at 153.  I feel like if I could just get under the 150 I could get the ball rolling again.  Granted the whole point of this month is to let my body rest and get ready for the next push, that number is absolutely driving me crazy.  

I know the last 20-30 pounds isn’t going to come off at nearly the same speed as the first 50.  Heck I lost 15 in a week and a half just by switching to water and cutting out all the sports drinks and sodas.  Currently as much as that number is antagonizing me, I am not actively pushing to lose weight.  I was hoping it would just happen to come off, but realistically, when you are eating at or near maintenance levels, you aren’t going to lose weight without pushing yourself super hard at the gym.  I am trying to do better about making sure I am getting in 30 minutes at cardio 5 days a week at home, I really slacked off on that during my 12 week program.  

One of these days, I will be able to throw out the scale.  Just not ready to yet….


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