sad day made better…

Sad Day Made Better…

So I turned the giant shirt into a new gym shirt! Tweeted it to mr Ziggler and got an atta girl so I’m pretty happy LOL.  Here’s the finished product.


5 thoughts on “sad day made better…

  1. In a comment on my blog you said: “I also do it for the holy crap she got hot …”

    I am but one voice, but I am here to tell you on that you succeeded! Well, sort of. You got hottER.

    • Lol thanks. I have days where I’m feeling kinda down and I start to think I should send my ex a pic and pretend it was meant for someone else. But then I remind myself I am better than that and this journey is as much mental as physical and he isn’t worth it. It is pointless to be a beautiful person if you are going to be nothing but ugly and vengeful inside.

      • You are right, it would be fun, but you are far better than that.

        If he couldn’t love you, and think you were perfect as you were then, then he doesn’t deserve any of your attention now. If his opinion of you changed because of a couple of dress sizes, he was never worth your time.

      • Exactly and honestly with him I doubt it was looks, I think he is just so damaged from previous relationships… And I also think he is just one of those people who isn’t able to be faithful. So yeah… Honestly if he passed me on the street and I didn’t have my kids with me, I don’t think he would know me unless I spoke to him. I’ve had several people lately message me after they saw me and were like I’m so sorry I did t recognize you please don’t think I was being rude lol

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