9 years…

9 years…

So when I graduated high school in 2003, I weighed 130lbs I was basically skinny fat.  When I was on swim team and taking dance, I wasn’t muscular but I was more healthy even though my weight was exactly the same.  After high school, I spent the summer working at a camp, i toned up and maybe weighed in at 5lbs less than when I graduated.  Then I went to beauty school and was in a not quite healthy relationship.  During beauty school, I probably gained 35-40lbs.  We wore scrubs every day and it was easy to not notice how much weight I had gained.. That is until I decided to get married, and realized that I needed to fit into a wedding dress and I was absolutely not going to buy a size 18 dress.  We ordered my dress in either a 14 or a 16, I honestly don’t remember now, but I was going to have to lose weight drastically for it to fit, and I did, but not in a healthy way.  I greatly restricted my diet and took hydroxycut.  The GOOD stuff. Not the thing you buy on shelves now, and when I say good, I don’t mean healthy, I mean the type that actually worked but wasn’t good for you at all, especially if you weren’t eating and drinking correctly.  I ended up fitting into the dress and got down to 4lbs heavier than I am now.  

I look at the pictures now and think how can I be only 4lbs lighter than then, but so much smaller.  The answer isn’t hard, it’s because this time, I have eaten well, and I have exercised.  Not just cardio, but I bust my tail doing weights as well.  I drink close to a gallon a water a day, and eat 6ish times a day.  Sometimes I really wish that I had the knowledge then that I have now.  Maybe I never would have gotten to where I was, or maybe I would have.  Who knows, but the pics further motivate me to continue doing things the right way.

Me in high school.


9 years ago right before my wedding

Recent pictures


Now don’t get me wrong I still have a long way to go, but this me is going to be healthier and happier than the me who thought she was losing weight the right way 9 years ago.


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