just wow…

Just Wow…

So much going on.  Some of which I can’t write about partially because I don’t want to jinx it.  But I am very excited for something that may be happening next weekend for many reasons.

Second… I had a date last night, it went pretty well… Turns out he’s known my mom for years.. My mom didn’t set us up we just stumbled upon the realization through conversation.  I’ll probably see him again.  I got dressed up in one of my usual outfits.  It also happens to be the outfit I take progress pictures in and wow.  Just wow.


One thought on “just wow…

  1. Keeping a good thought for the upcoming goodness in your life. I am sure it will come through for you.

    Glad to hear the date went well. Someone is on a roll!

    Finally, all your progress pics make me say wow. You are such an inspiration.

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