amazing weekend…

Amazing Weekend…

I had an amazing 26 hours without children and and even more amazing 18 hours with my absolute favorite person in the world.  I was in tears and he was near tears when he left.  I “met” him 3 years ago on twitter of all places.  I had jokingly posted something about stepping away from the computer for some reason and “if you want me @ me or dm me”.  All of the sudden this dm pops up saying “I want you” we messaged on there for hours that night, and eventually exchanged numbers and texted and that progressed to phone calls.  Problem is he lives hours away. We have stayed in contact almost constantly over the last three years. Even when we were seeing each other, and the days/weeks that we didn’t talk (sometimes months) there wasn’t a day that he didn’t cross my mind. 

We tried on three separate occasions to try to meet over those years, and something always came up weeks in advance or plans fell through, and we were never able to meet.  Last December, he told me he loved me, I said it back, I have always felt that way about him since day 1, but still we weren’t able to make getting together happen.  He has been beyond my rock through so many things.  When I tell people about him or we talk about what we are, I always say he is my best friend, and he is.  He knows more about me than anyone, and I about him.

A few days ago I got a message from him confirming my city, because a special interest of both of ours was putting on something in my city and he was going to be able to get off of work to come see it and me.  This weekend, after 3 long long years we were finally able to be face to face.  It was amazing. It was like we had known each other forever. No awkwardness.  No weirdness.  We talked for hours. Hours. Non stop.  The chemistry is absolutely undeniable.  There is something beyond special there. The only promise made between us is that this won’t be the only time we see each other.  I don’t know where this will go or if this will go, but I’m excited to see.  There are lots of variables that are going to come into play. I’m excited and hopeful.  The time we spent together was better than I ever imagined.  He surpassed any expectation I had.  I don’t know how long it will be, but I can’t wait to see him again.


2 thoughts on “amazing weekend…

  1. So happy you got to meet him! It must have been amazing to finally meet someone after talking for over 3 years! I hope you’re able to see him again sooner rather than later 😉

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