I can’t…

I can’t…

I absolutely hate those two words, and I’m not referring to them as I can’t go out tonight.  When I hear I can’t, it’s almost always a won’t, or an I’m not going to.  If you don’t want to do something that’s fine just say that, but don’t say I can’t because I can almost guarantee that you can.  To be honest, I used to be one of the I can’t people, and I never understood why my can do friends got so frustrated with me, but now I get it.

One thing I have learned, is that to succeed, the excuses have to be thrown out the window.  Excuses are what stand between you and achieving your goals.  Your mind will quit on you before your body is ready to if you allow it to.  Excuses can be like a security blanket, they will keep you from trying, which will keep you from failing.  Failing can be a scary thing, but if you fail,you TRIED. If you try, and you do your best, failing is a good thing because you got off your butt and you TRIED. 

 A few weeks ago I swapped regular squats for box squats in my work outs.  Since I was going a lot lower, I dropped my weight back a good 50lbs and have been slowly increasing it.  I do my sets in groups of 12 or 15 most days, and I was doing 12 reps.  I did a set at 30 then two sets of 50(which is the highest I have gone on box squats) and decided to do my last set at 60.  I got to rep 8, rested on the box for literally a split second and got stuck.  I had to rack the bar back on the smith machine and wiggle out from under it.  If I had been working out with a friend I would have been in a fit of giggles, as it was I was holding them back already.  The only real failure would be if I didn’t pull the bar back up and start over.  I could have easily been like well. I got stuck my legs can’t do any more.  Which wasn’t the truth.  I did honestly drop the weight back down to 50 but I finished out a set of 12.  Next leg day I’ll put it right back up to 60 and who knows maybe I will get to 9 or maybe I will be able to push out the full 12.

Don’t get me wrong, there are things I can’t do yet.  Common sense says that if I am doing bicep curls at 25lbs there is a very good chance I can’t pick up the 75lb dumbbell and curl that.  I would hurt myself, but not being able to curl 75 doesn’t mean that by the end of next month I can increase what I can do by 5 maybe even 10lbs.  People that are curling 75lbs have been training for years.  They didn’t start there, but if you judge what you can’t do by what someone else can do, you will never even get started.  


4 thoughts on “I can’t…

    • I was a can’t doer won’t doer for a long time. For me finding a reason that mattered more to do it than a reason not to do it really helped. I read an awesome book that clicked with me too for motivation. Honestly I don’t think my results are typical for the book/plan, but it’s just like some people respond great to cardio, and I did cardio alone for 3 months and didn’t lose a pound. You really have to find something you enjoy and a goal you want mre than the amazingly yummy ice creams LOL

      • That’s the truth! If it’s not something you enjoy you’ll never stick to it. Been there done that recently. I’m not a big fan of many types of cardio myself, so for my August workout plan I added in a lot of body weight workouts (which I’m loving) and I’m actually sticking to them. While the scale is moving slowly, the inches are coming off like crazy. I sure like that more than ice cream! 🙂

      • I hate body weight workouts lol for me there is just something about moving some heavy weights around and trying to out do myself. I can do body weight stuff if it’s in a aerobic or a dance routine otherwise I’m all tra la la. Fitness is definitely something that speaks to people in different ways

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