Fun Stats

Fun Stats…

I recorded my first workout in my notebook on April 18, 2014

It was a leg day

I maxed my leg press at 80lbs that day

I maxed my sitting calf extensions at 60lbs

My hip adductions and abductions were at 70lbs

Leg curls were at 40lbs

Leg extensions were also 40lbs

Three months later on July 17 my first full strength leg day after my broken foot

I maxed my hip adductions and abductions at 210 lbs

My leg press was 190lbs

My sitting calf extension 230lbs

Leg curls 80lbs (personal best 95 but technique was meh I’ve really focused on range of motion and have dropped the weight some)

Leg ext 75lbs(personal best 95)

At some point I added in standing calf extensions right before I broke my foot and I was at 160 lbs. I dropped way down while my foot was healing, but YESTERDAY I hit a new personal best of 170 lbs for 15 reps.

I wish I could post all my note book entries, but I have made so much progress. My arm days are so much stronger as well. I love seeing all my workouts written down and flip through my notes and progress. I will never ever throw my shoulder work out in with my back and bicep day again. It was just too much all together. I’m feeling it today for sure!


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