It’s Leg Day…

It’s Leg Day…
Otherwise known as my absolute favorite day of the week. Legs have always been my favorite area to work at the gym and everyday would be leg day if I could make that work. I already did 30 minutes of cardio before work today at home. I wanted to knock it out at the gym but my youngest started kindergarten today and getting him situated took a few minutes more than I expected. He only had a half day today and my mom picked him up and said he enjoyed it and even talked to the teacher some. When I left him, he was refusing to talk and was sitting at his desk crying while the teacher was trying to convince him to color. It was pretty pitiful.

I had some trouble getting to sleep last night. I absolutely could not get comfy. I was tired before I laid down, but as soon as my head hit my pillow my body was like nope. I was almost asleep and then one of my exs texted asking if I was up. Never fails.

I absolutely can not wait to get into the gym tonight. I wanted to go last night, but couldn’t go without keeping the kids up past their bed time. I was just in the mood to go move some heavy things. One of these days I’m going to write a post on the top 10 reasons why being in a relationship with the gym is better than being in a relationship with a human.



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