I’m trying something new and ate breakfast before I go to the gym this morning.  I figured chest and tricep day was the best to experiment on.  It’s probably my lowest intensity workout currently.  I normally go in fasted if I work out in the mornings, but I want to see if this makes a difference in a good or bad way.

I need to sit down and regroup my workouts since I’m going to start going 4-5 times a week instead of 3 once all the kids are in school every day.

The other reason I ate, is because I’m going to take pre workout to wake me up enough not to hit myself in the head and I really don’t want that on a totally empty stomach.  I’m debating between ordering more ore workout or ordering bcaas when I place my next protein order.  I’m up in the air and knowing me I will wind up with both.  I need to read up some more and make my decision.

What supplements, vitamins, and proteins do you take?


2 thoughts on “quickie…

  1. I just take a multi-vitamin, a “hair skin and nails” mix, and a cinnamon/chromium capsule. I’ve never heard of either thing you mentioned, are they protein shakes? If so… watch out. Those can have some pretty bad chemicals! Some are fine though of course. 🙂

    • I don’t use typical protein shakes. I like to stick to the optimum nutrition brand… It’s been highly recommended by many. I make them with water to conserve my carbs as well. Bcaa’s are amino acids that help with muscle health and recovery to put it simply. Preworkouts are energy boosters that also help with focus.. Ingredients vary by the brand

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