I finished up my shopping today at AmVets thrift store for some work pants and a few tops because when I lose 5 more pounds there isn’t a chance of any of my old pants staying up.  I spent a little more than I meant, but I was able to buy a size down.  They are tight but they button and zip with no seams popping, so they will last me for a bit as I lose more.  I thought I had picked up the right size in something but was looking at the rack and not the tag sizes and when I got to the dressing room, it was a 16 and I knew there wasn’t a chance of it fitting.  If I had gone shopping back in January or February a 16 is what I would have needed to buy.  So for some perspective, I took this pic:

I’ll be honest, I knew I had lost weight, I hadn’t exactly realize how much I had lost.  Those are an old navy size 16 pant, and for me old navy runs pretty true to size.  The jeans I held onto for years to fit into are an old navy 10 and are loose everywhere but my thighs.

Since I start my shred in Sunday, I’ve been slightly lax with allowing more treats this week.  Sunday I had a chest meal, and tonight I went to walgreens and they had candy corn out.  Candy corn is probably my most favorite candy besides Cadbury eggs.  I’d be lying if I say I didn’t buy any.  I’m enjoying it.  I have 12 weeks of a strict plan to follow and by then all the candy corn will be stale.  I’ll be putting in extra cardio for this I know, and I can’t out train a diet, but yeah.  I’ll be sleeping happily tonight and possibly with a tummy ache.

My most recent fav workout pic:



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