meal prep…

Meal Prep…

Let me start this by saying I am never. Ever. Eeeeehhhhhhhhhhver. Meal prepping with my kids home ever again. EVER. Way too much math going on and stirring and cooking to do it with my kids home.  On the bright side, it eliminates the temptation of just going and grabbing what is convienent instead of what I should be eating.  I also learned that on somethings especially sauces, I was eating way too much and on others I was getting too little.  So now I am not sure how many calories I was exactly cutting on before.  I’m starting on 1500 a day for a week and a half and will adjust from there as needed.  

I’m also watching my fat intake a lot closer.  Last time I know I was too low and I think that is where I messed up and possibly what contributed to the stress fracture in my foot.  Six days a week I will be at 1500 cal, 30 carb, 40-50 fat and 110-120 protein.  The seventh day I need to be around 700 carb.  I seriously struggle to hit my high carb day without eating junk, and a high carb day does not equal a cheat day.  I still get the same amount of calories.

I’ve been slowly tapering my carbs off over the last two weeks minus a few flat out cheats.  Like a bag of candy corn.  I love seasonal candy.  And it occurred to me when I saw it in the store that I’m going to be on week 9 or 10 around Halloween and who wants to eat stale candy corn after Halloween when I can have it fresh before. Anyways, I’ve been tapering them off though in hopes to avoid the inevitable massive migraine and grumpiness that comes with the first true week of low carbing. Let’s hope.

I’m coming down with my kids cold.  I’ve got the itchy achy throat and the congested nose and my eyes hurt and I have a minor headache.  My friend that helps with my workout plan flat out told me to stay out of the gym for a few days and rest.  The last two nights are the first nights that I have slept well in a week, and I have crashe out around 9 both nights.  The girls woke me at 4 this morning playing, but it made getting them to school easier at least.  When I’m sick I want to eat junk food.  It’s not going to help anything at all, but i want it.  Some old habits die hard.

I avoided an emotional eating situation earlier this week and was super proud of myself, because my first instinct wasn’t even to go eat.  Everything is mostly better.  There are still some hurt feelings involved, but it will probably all be fine.

I think I have a lunch date Tuesday.  I don’t know that I even really want to date, but we will see where this goes.  Other than missing someone to cuddle with and talk to, I am very happy single without having to answer to anyone about my gym schedule and meal plans.  I’m also so tired of duds, frogs, and crazies, and I know who I want, but right now it just can’t be what either of us want.  We are slowly figuring things out, and still nothing gets figured out.  If it’s meant to be it will be, if it’s not there is a right guy out there somewhere.


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