tomorrow is day 1…

Tomorrow Is Day 1…

In the morning I go for my second round of body spartan.  I get up, do my fasted 30-45 of cardio, and then get my starting weight and measurements.  At some point, I am meeting up with my bestie to get actually day 1 pictures this time to measure my progress.

Weight loss is a simple formula.  You simply have to burn more calories than you take in, eat at a deficit.  You still have to eat enough calories to live and survive without damaging your metabolism or your body, there for you need to exert yourself more than you normally would.  You stick to your exercise plan, eat the right amounts and you lose weight, unless you have under lying problems.  I know this.  I know it works, it’s worked the last time I followed the program and lost 40 lbs over 12 weeks.  Yet I’m nervous.  I don’t expect to lose 40lbs like I did before, there simply isn’t 40lbs to lose.  I know I’m going to have to work a lot harder this time as well.  The first 20lbs came off easy, practically overnight it seemed, just by cutting out soda, sports drinks, and junk food.

Total, I am aiming to lose about 32 lbs, for this 12 weeks, I am aiming for 24, then I’ll reevaluate and decide on the last 8.  I need to cut down low enough to see where I really need to focus my bulk on.  I have some assumptions as to where I need the most work, but you really never know until you get there.

I adjusted my tricep workout some today at the gym, and am absolutely loving the changes that I made.  The last 3 or so times I haven’t really felt anything in my triceps after I worked them, but didn’t feel comfortable increasing the weight because I couldn’t hold proper form, and I do not want to tear or damage anything.  I’m definitely feeling like I worked them in a good way after today’s workout.  I sent my workout to my friend and asked for adjustments and got told he wouldn’t change a thing and I’m doing great so that made me very happy.  I gave him a hard time about my leg day too, and was joking about doing legs every other day and was told no.  I expected that and wasn’t being serious, but if I had my way, every day would be leg day.  I love leg day.  Realistically though, every day can’t be leg day especially with how well my legs respond to training right now.

I decided to do the 30 minute circuit for my cardio today because I left my mini at home and had something that I wanted to watch while I was on the elliptical.  For the heck of it I decided to see how far I could push my sitting calf extensions on the leg press.  The highest the machine goes is 390 and I hit 10 reps at that weight and honestly probably could have pushed out 2 or 3 more before failure.  I’m very curious as to how far I could actually go with a better machine and a gym that doesn’t judge for pushing.  Some day I will find out.

A few pics from today.  I got some new pants to workout in today and I love them.



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