Day 1

Day 1…
Day 1 was today. Over all things went very smoothly. It was my first day of everything being weighed out and counted down to the exact gram. My calories came in a smidge low, but still an acceptable level. My protein fats and carbs were all reached though.
I hit the gym for leg day today. I pushed through the urge to nap which comes with the first week of truly low carbing it. I had a bit of a headache, but exercise pushed that out. I sat down and really thought out my workout and regrouped it, I also added in some new glute work. That was probably my most neglected area. I was working it, but not as hard as other areas.
When I regrouped everything, I put all the like muscles together. In the past I would do a quad exercise then a calf exercise then a hamstring. Today I did the more quad based stuff then the glute based and so on. I already have my chest and tri organized that way and I like it so that’s what I’ll be doing now.
I got some good day 1 pics at the gym today. I have a friend helping me Wednesday to get some true starting pics. I’m going to *try* to blog more throughout the 12 weeks this time. Hopefully it will happen.






2 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. This might be kind of weird to say (okay, really weird), but you have great shoulders! I always work on my shoulders in the hopes of getting nice, sculpted ones and you can really see the definition in yours in the pics!

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