Day 3…

Day 3…

Yesterday was day 3. I was reminded how important it is to eat on schedule the best you can. We got super busy at work and my meals got too spread out, which left me grumpy and then trying to squeeze the rest of my daily calories into a lot shorter period of time. I’m off today, so it should be easier to stay on track.
Lunch went well, nothing amazing, but I’ve only ever met one person who my first meeting with left me completely enamored and head over heels. I will never understand the whole concept of trying to convince someone to eat something so you don’t feel guilty. Yes one bite of chocolate cake will not hurt me , but then I have to move carbs and calories around that could be better spent elsewhere. If it was my high carb day would I have had the cake? Probably. Not the whole slice but a bite maybe two, but just because I’m choosing to not eat it doesn’t mean you can’t. I’m not going to make you feel guilty. Your goals are different than mine. It’s my choice to eat low carb for the next 11 and a half weeks, so I’m surely not going to make you suffer. I want the best possible results out of these 12 weeks so I will stick to it and continue to work my ass off to achieve.
Yesterday was my first time ever being able to do 30 straight minutes of Hiit cardio on the elliptical without stopping. I was super proud of myself. I started off with an hour of back and biceps. I felt really good about it. I’m feeling it in my back today, not in an injured way, but in a way I know I worked those muscles right. I think I need to increase my water today, I’m just feeling kinda bla and I know I didn’t take in as much as I normally do.
I have chest and tri up today. I’ve already sat down and written out a tentative plan so my ADHD doesn’t take over and I start working Lord knows what. Tomorrow will be shoulders and then I have two rest days. I’m hoping my body will reach full ketosis by Saturday so I can have a good high carb day before I am back on legs. Last time I hit ketosis so quickly, and I am kind of there but not quite. My carbs are dialed into a T, so I’m thinking it’s just taking longer since I have less fat to burn off. I know it can take some people 2 weeks of low carb to hit it. We shall see.




3 thoughts on “Day 3…

  1. Hi! Great post.

    Your nutrition is 70% of weight loss which must be why it’s the hardest to control! So much delicious food around and super easy access. We have to work twice as hard to be conscious enough to walk away.

    I have an upcoming challenge group that you might find interesting. A group of us who want to change (whether their first step or have been actively working on it) our lifestyles come together to become accountable and have a support system. We are going to combine a daily meal replacement that allows us the perfect amount of nutrients for the day and a home based workout for best results. I think I know of the prefect routine for you so if you’re interested please let me know because id love to talk to you more about it!

    jenniferdaiker at gmail dot com

    • Thanks for your comment and the spam! But as you can see if you read my posts, I already have a very strict meal plan that I follow! And I use real food with no meal replacements! I also already have a custom workout that it tailored to achieving the goal I am working towards, and unfortunately a home workout just won’t get me there.

      • I apologize if it came off as spam. Not my intent at all. I’m very happy that you have a great plan in place and wouldn’t want to take you away from what works.

        I’ve only read this post as that’s what I’ve read today. I wish you the best of luck on your journey and will continue to read your posts.

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