Day 4!

Day 4…
It’s going a lot better… I finally hit a good state of ketosis earlier today. Had a great chest and tri workout this morning ( did 3 sets of chest presses with 2- 30lb weights for 12 reps) and then I came home and cleaned up some. I took the kids grocery shopping tonight and it went fairly smooth. At least as smooth as shopping with 3 kids can go. Had two amazingly awesome finds at the store!


The ice cream, half a serving has 3 carbs, and while I can’t give up those 3 carbs every day, it’s a nice treat that makes you feel like you aren’t restricted. The drink mix? Oh my gosh where has it been all my life? 10 calories and no carbs! Nipped the sweet craving I was having in the bud immediately. Tastes 100% like a jolly rancher. I’m finishing up the rest of my weeks meal prep right now. I’ve got some good variety going on and I’m happy. Just need to get the veggies going! Have a great night!

What’s your favorite low carb meal/treat?


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