Crap day…

Crap day…
Yesterday was a crap day. Nothing I want to get into on here since it is public and you never know who is reading, but let’s just say it greatly affected my leg day because I let it get into my head. At first I was able to use it to fuel me, and I upped my personal best on standing calf extensions to 270lbs plus the bar, but then it just kept nagging me to the point that I wound up in tears on the leg press when I spilled my drink. That was when I decided that for my own personal safety, because I wasn’t able to keep my focus and tension where I needed it, that it was best to just call it a day. At some point this week, I will be redoing leg day, but I did get in 75% of my workout before I decided that I needed to call it a day.
Then today I was supposed to be hitting back and biceps. Annnnnd I for called into work. However my day off will be moved assuming nothing else crazy happens so I am just shifting my training by a day and not losing a workout.
Work actually ended up really well. We were slammed and because of my own personal drama, I treated myself to two new workout tanks from flag nor fail I strongly recommend if you love a good company run by people that care about a product that you check them out. I want some of their sweat pants so badly, but I really need to finish cutting before I drop money on new pants only for them to fall off me in 2 months.
The benefit of pushing my back and biceps back by a day, is that I had some extra time where I was clearheaded and focused to tweak last weeks workout and make sure more areas are covered in a more efficient manner. I’m feeling good about the tweaks I made, and depending on how I feel after and the next day, I will adjust from there as well.
I decided that today would be my highcarb day for the week, because I knew I wanted to cook out with the kids. It also turned into a bit of a cheat day because we made strawberry shortcake too. Gave myself a mental break from counting for the day but stayed generally aware. It was so good. I made hamburgers and corn, we also had fresh watermelon and cantaloupe and some tomatoes. I accidentally picked up sugar free strawberry syrup for the shortcake. My body was not amused. Either that or the whipped cream. My body is kinda all what the heck did you put in me. Next time I want to do this, I will remember this moment.

What did you do for Labor Day?








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