Personal bests…

Personal Bests…

One of my favorite things to do on the period of time before I go to bed now is to watch motivational videos on YouTube… Both plain motivation and sports and body building motivation. It’s amazing how much some of those words stand out in your head when you need them the most. That moment when one last rep seems impossible. When you don’t want to do that last 5 minutes of cardio. When you are wondering if you can put any more weight to that bar. When you are scared to fail. You know what? FAIL. It is okay to fail. The only way you can fail is if you try, and if you keep trying and keep failing one day you will succeed. Even if you don’t you have the knowledge that you didn’t stop. Ever. You kept getting back up and when you look at it that way, did you ever really fail?

When I started working with weights last April, I had a friend go with me to show me some things and get me on the right track. One thing he had me doing was a smith machine bench press. To be honest I could barely move the bar. It’s not an exercise I am totally comfortable with doing without someone to help spot me, even with the safety’s, so when I started really focusing my workouts in July, I decided to add a dumbbell bench press to my exercises. I remember the first time I did it, it felt so awkward and unsteady, that I stuck with two 10lb Dumbbells. It was easy, but just didn’t feel like I should up the weight (I’m looking at my workout notes to get the weights right as I write this). The second time I did it a week later, I went up to 15 and 20 lb weights and the 20s were so wobbly and all over the place, but I would steady myself and keep going. A week later I got the 25s up and then the next I got some partial sets up with the 30s failing at 6 and 8 reps. The next few weeks I tried and tried to even lift the 35s up over my head and couldn’t even get them up to where I could start to push them up. Today, after two or three weeks of just trying to get those suckers up, I got a set of 8 AND a full set of 12 in.
The feeling, past total exhaustion of those muscles, was absolutely amazing. To know that I worked my butt off for that moment AND achieved it? Absolutely indescribable. I might have possibly wrote #beastmode in my notes. I can neither confirm not deny that though.

I also recently discovered drop sets. Um wow. Those suckers… They make you work. I’m loving incorporating them into my workouts. I’ve also made a lot of little refining tweaks and am loving those as well. I’m feeling the burn better and I am dialing in my muscle focus too. My instincts are improving and I’m starting to be able to notice when something is off and how to adjust it so the movement works in the correct area.

what are some goals you have set for yourself?

The back pictures left to right is June, early august, and sept 2





2 thoughts on “Personal bests…

  1. I remember the first time I failed doing a rep and I was so embarrassed! I was doing back squats and had to drop the bar and bail. Luckily, once you get over the initial embarrassment, you realize it’s kind of awesome to fail because you really pushed your body to its limits!

    • EXACTLY! My best fail ever was the first time I upped my box squat to 60lbs and I paused literally a split second too long. Thank God I was on the smith machine because I wound up stuck. Had to re rack the bar and slide out from under it laughing.

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