Delt Homicide…

Delt Homicide…
My bestie gave up a long time ago on convincing me I train to hard. I love him to death, and he has come to accept that my plan works for me and what I want to achieve. And I listened to him and backed off the extra leg days. He had a point there. I’ll never admit that to him though. Ever. So not happy with last weeks shoulder work out being too heavy on the lats, especially since I do a lot of lat work on my back day, I stumbled into Dana Linn Baileys delt homicide workout on . Always up for the challenge I wrote out a workout plan using all the exercises without supersetting the stuff like she had. Partially because I do have to lift my arms all day at work tomorrow, and partially because planet fitness hates me enough without doing an hour of super sets.

I am absolutely in love with the delt homicide work out. I also warmed up with some Arnold’s just because I love them and finished it up with some under the leg lat/delt raises. I felt absolutely amazing after. Then when I tried to keep my hands on the top of the steering wheel to drive home, I figured out why she calls is delt homicide. There is no way I won’t feel this tomorrow.

As of this morning I am also 4 lbs away from the weight I graduated highschool at!






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