2 weeks down…

2 weeks down…
And 10 weeks to go as of tomorrow. I’ve been making a conscious effort to go to bed a lot earlier since I am putting in 8-10 hours a week in he gym on top of work. Unfortunately that means I’m waking up at around 1 wide awake. I’ve always been a night owl, but my muscles need sleep to recover properly.

For the most part the moodiness has evened out minus some hormonal stuff that messes with me once a month because I’m a girl. It sends my anxiety through the roof for a couple of days each month. If I can get to the gym, I can minimize it, also watching my diet helps, less processed foods equals a more even me. Also makes me want to eat a crap ton so I have to really focus to keep that in check. I space out more small snacks instead of larger ones, it’s working for now.

So far I’ve lost 5 almost 6 lbs since I restarted body spartan. I’ve lost almost an inch from my waist, and at some point I put on an inch around my shoulders over the last 2 months. I’m ok with that but was kind of surprised. I can feel and see my arms and legs leaning out as well. There’s a lot more muscle definition there. I haven’t been as strict with measuring every single thing this week, it’s been a crazy long week and hard emotionally because of a few things that went on, next week it is back to it though. I’ve got this.


2 thoughts on “2 weeks down…

  1. I used to be a night owl too and it took me a while to adjust to going to bed early and waking up early. Now, my body is on a rhythm and won’t let me sleep in too late, so it’s kind of nice but kind of irritating if I do want to sleep in on the weekends on something. Congrats on the weight loss!

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