Easy week

Easy Week…
I’ve taken this week easy. I’ve hit the weights hard, but not focused too hard on what I am eating or the macros… Honestly my calories were probably too low most days, and carbs were high, but I needed the break. Historically, this week and the first part of next, mentally, are the hardest week of the year I go through. This week marks 12 years since nick died…. Tomorrow is 12 years since I have spoken to him. The 23 will be 5 years since I kicked out the kids dad. Sunday is my middle daughters 7th birthday… Which has some bad memories of my ex attached as well. I’m just doing what it takes to get through it in one piece this year.

I’ve actually had a pretty fun week. I have some amazingly fun stuff planned for next week. I had a great back and bicep workout after work today. I feel pretty good. I’m feeling very optimist and happy about a change in my life. I don’t want to share yet because I’m scared to jinx it, but I’m happy.


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