I did a stupid…

I went and got a great chest and tricep workout with the guy I’m dating two days ago? Was able to get the 40s up for two good sets of dumbbell benches, with help getting them into place so I didn’t kill myself, managed to not cause any new bruises this week on that exercise. Moved to the smith to do some flat bench presses on it. Knocked those out, had a few minutes decided for the heck of it I wanted to show him my calf extension. Loaded the bar up to 330 which I have done several times before with absolutely no problem… I don’t know if I have mentioned this before, but I go to planet fitness. Home of the lunk alarm. If you don’t know what it is, it is worth s Google or youtube search…

Now here is what I know. I KNOW that my foot position was off by about half an inch, and any guy will tell you a half of an inch matters, even if they don’t lift. What I don’t know is if my back was just tired, or if it was too weak, or over worked, but I got it up off the smith, got one rep, got two reps, I normally can do 12-15 reps at 330, but on the third rep, something happened and down I went with 330lbs. I was laughing. Everyone in the place saw it happen, everyone in the place heard it happen. The staff set off the lunk alarm… Twice, just in case anyone missed it. I had a couple of people come up to me to make sure I was ok, my guy wasn’t really sure what to think after making sure I was ok. We laughed about it pretty good.

I was kinda sore immediately after, nothing major, woke up feeling like I was hit by a car. My knee is scraped to hell, my arms and knees are bruised up, and my back is very sore but no point tenderness or swelling. Woke up this morning with my knee slightly puffy and pretty bruised. I landed on it funny when I fell. Fortunately I didn’t fight it when I started to fall and just went with it. Took a rest day yesterday. Totally skipped leg day this week. There is not a single chance I can work my quad on the leg I hurt or do anything that moves that knee. I am really hoping the extra bruising this morning drained down from the sore quad and isn’t coming from my knee. I did get back in the gym this morning and trained shoulders and traps with a smidge of lat work. I got back on the smith and worked my calves up to a 90lb extension just to get back on the proverbial horse instead of running scared from it. I definitely set the safety higher and will continue to as I slowly work my weight back up on those, but I’ll be taking it easy for awhile. I do not want a repeat performance.



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