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I’m obviously feeling extra witty today. I’ve just been my own worst enemy lately. Not really certain what’s up, but I’ve just been in this stubborn funk and want to sit here and eat carbs and Halloween candy. The problem isn’t so much that I want to eat one piece of the candy, the problem is I want to eat the whole bag of given the chance. I haven’t gained any weight which is fine, but I have clearly plateaued and probably eating close to maintenance calories which isn’t bad, but it isn’t going to achieve what I want. It also makes me grumpy and sluggish when I eat too much junk. I think some of it is I have been pushing so hard for 10 months now? And super hard for 6 months? I think my brain just hit the point of needing a break. I’m making a conscious effort to get my train back on the tracks. If I don’t buy it, I don’t eat it, so I just need to stop making excuses to buy it and my kids are going to have to suck it up too.

I’m slowly recovering from my fall last week at the gym. I tweaked my back up bad and I’ve been in a pissy mood. I’m 99% sure it’s just in the muscles and have been using a heat wrap at night and in the morning to loosen the muscles and it is greatly helping. I also scraped my knee up and today is the first day it is able to move freely without pulling at the scab. Tried to do some legs today and it just wasn’t ready… Hoping next week I will be good to go. I also need to hop back on the cardio train.

Training wise everything else has been awesome. I’m up to two good solid, controlled sets of chest presses with the 40lb dumb bells. I can get the up on my own now and get them down without bruising the crap out of my legs. My guy went with me last week and spotted me and this week something just clicked and it was second nature and no struggle.

I have a guy I am seriously seeing now. You could probably safely call him my boyfriend, he does. Total sweetheart, I really like him and he slid into my life effortlessly. He isn’t a gym rat, but he knows his way around the gym and likes to go with me when he can. He is totally cool with me showing him up. I guarantee on biceps he would beat me, but shoulders/chest/calves he has accepted that I train them harder I think. He jokes that before me he only used to train biceps. I don’t care either way, he can train however he wants, we have different goals and needs so we don’t have to train the same ways.

I had some importantish blood work done week before last which has also had me kind of stressed out. The results FINALLY came back today and it was all negative, so I can breathe easier again. I do need to schedule a general physical but I’m happy I had the blood work done. I had put it off way way too long.

June to now. My shoulders are at least 2 inches bigger around and my forearms have made some gains too






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