Never thought I would write about this…

Well this entry is 100% completely something I never thought I would write about. Heck it’s 100% completely something that has never ever crossed my mind. I’ve thought of a similar situation involving a toilet, or ther was a greys anatomy episode, kind of similar. I’ve even had a moment with my kids that when I got home it totally hit me and the sitter exactly what was going on.

We recently switched our family cell phone plan to sprint and I upgraded my phone to the iPhone 6, which means unless I want a very expensive, fragile, iPod, I have absolutely no need for my iPhone 4s. So I decided to list it on Craigslist last night hoping to avoid the trouble of shipping, and so that I could make a little more money than if I sold it to one of those cell phone buyer sites. This morning I found a more than fair offer waiting in my email and we decided that we would meet at my work when I finished my shift. Well about an hour before I got off work, the receptionist came up to me giggling, and I heard com mumbling about a cat. Long story short, the girls cat ate a condom and she the as at the emergency vet with him. Now this isn’t funny at all…. But it is. And it isn’t. I mean that poor pussy with a condom stuck in it…

Anyways best wishes to her cat, and best wishes to me because I need to sell that phone.


What do you say?

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