That should be in”” because what exactly is normal? It’s some obscure numbers that doctors have put together when it comes to your bmi based off height and weight which is extremely outdated but still used. Today is the first time in 12 years I can say I’m “normal” or that I could go to a doctor and not be told I’m overweight. Based off physical appearance and clothing size, I haven’t considered myself overweight in awhile but this stupid obscure chart has, so to finally hit this obscure idea of “normal” is a great moment. I’m not sure what happened but after not losing a single pound for a month, I had 7lbs drop off this week getting me over the hump I was stuck on. I’m estimating that I have 15 maybe 20 more pounds if you want to get nitpicky before I hit the leanness I want to see. I’ll be watching the scale, but mostly relying on pictures from this point out to know when I’m going to start a small bulk. Anyways! Just wanted to share this exciting moment! And since its flex Friday, I flexed my back for a bit this morning!





2 thoughts on “Normal

  1. Bmi is silly. Mine has always said I’m overweight..or even obese! Sure, I may have had a bit to loose at the obese stage ..but I dont think I was that far gone. Lol You look amazing!

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