So I have my boyfriends military ball coming up in oh a week… And I decided to put off dress shopping oh until today… Which was better than my original plan of next Tuesday. I was also on a super tight budget of keeping it under $50 which for a super formal event is laughable. Then I ran into the problem of a. I’m between sizes. B. My upper back is so developed from lifting it needs 1 size
Larger than my waist. C. My shoulders are so developed, it needs 2 sizes larger than my waist… Oh and I’m only 5’1″. The struggle it’s real. So I narrowed it down to two dresses…
One that was supposed to be totally fitted, but was loose around the middle but mostly for across the back enough that I was fairly confident it wouldn’t fall down but I would probably have to try to take it in some myself.
Or a dress that was very snug but has no other issues, but now that I think about it, sitting may not be an option…
So yeah we are stepping up the cardio and cutting out all the carbs for the next 7 days…
The crazy thing is these dresses are smaller than the one I wore to my junior prom (I think the same size as my sophomore valentines dance dress) and waaaaaaaay smaller than the dress I got married in





Some work out pics










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