That should be in”” because what exactly is normal? It’s some obscure numbers that doctors have put together when it comes to your bmi based off height and weight which is extremely outdated but still used. Today is the first time in 12 years I can say I’m “normal” or that I could go to a doctor and not be told I’m overweight. Based off physical appearance and clothing size, I haven’t considered myself overweight in awhile but this stupid obscure chart has, so to finally hit this obscure idea of “normal” is a great moment. I’m not sure what happened but after not losing a single pound for a month, I had 7lbs drop off this week getting me over the hump I was stuck on. I’m estimating that I have 15 maybe 20 more pounds if you want to get nitpicky before I hit the leanness I want to see. I’ll be watching the scale, but mostly relying on pictures from this point out to know when I’m going to start a small bulk. Anyways! Just wanted to share this exciting moment! And since its flex Friday, I flexed my back for a bit this morning!





Ch ch ch chaaaanges

Nothing super major. Swapped my main preworkout (platinum pre) for amino energy and saving the platinum pre for days I train after work or when I’m totally exhausted. I’m also going to try some silk amino acids post work out and have added in a small amount of creatine. I am expecting to see a small gain of water weight from that, but am interested to see what other gains come with it.

After 3-4 weeks of showing no loss, I had 4lbs drop off in 2 days. Despite the lack of loss, I have leaned out a lot. Except my shoulders where over the last 6 weeks I have put on 3 inches around. So not complaining about that I have been lifting my butt off. I’m down almost 5 inches at the most narrow part of my waist. I’ve taken an inch off my hips, and more than I want to admit has come off my chest.

Anyways picture time!




week 1 and week 6^



1 month difference


From today’s workout (I have a cold and pushed through and it sucked but I’m glad I did it.

Pre workout



During workout



After lifting and cardio





2 weeks down…

2 weeks down…
And 10 weeks to go as of tomorrow. I’ve been making a conscious effort to go to bed a lot earlier since I am putting in 8-10 hours a week in he gym on top of work. Unfortunately that means I’m waking up at around 1 wide awake. I’ve always been a night owl, but my muscles need sleep to recover properly.

For the most part the moodiness has evened out minus some hormonal stuff that messes with me once a month because I’m a girl. It sends my anxiety through the roof for a couple of days each month. If I can get to the gym, I can minimize it, also watching my diet helps, less processed foods equals a more even me. Also makes me want to eat a crap ton so I have to really focus to keep that in check. I space out more small snacks instead of larger ones, it’s working for now.

So far I’ve lost 5 almost 6 lbs since I restarted body spartan. I’ve lost almost an inch from my waist, and at some point I put on an inch around my shoulders over the last 2 months. I’m ok with that but was kind of surprised. I can feel and see my arms and legs leaning out as well. There’s a lot more muscle definition there. I haven’t been as strict with measuring every single thing this week, it’s been a crazy long week and hard emotionally because of a few things that went on, next week it is back to it though. I’ve got this.

Crap day…

Crap day…
Yesterday was a crap day. Nothing I want to get into on here since it is public and you never know who is reading, but let’s just say it greatly affected my leg day because I let it get into my head. At first I was able to use it to fuel me, and I upped my personal best on standing calf extensions to 270lbs plus the bar, but then it just kept nagging me to the point that I wound up in tears on the leg press when I spilled my drink. That was when I decided that for my own personal safety, because I wasn’t able to keep my focus and tension where I needed it, that it was best to just call it a day. At some point this week, I will be redoing leg day, but I did get in 75% of my workout before I decided that I needed to call it a day.
Then today I was supposed to be hitting back and biceps. Annnnnd I for called into work. However my day off will be moved assuming nothing else crazy happens so I am just shifting my training by a day and not losing a workout.
Work actually ended up really well. We were slammed and because of my own personal drama, I treated myself to two new workout tanks from flag nor fail I strongly recommend if you love a good company run by people that care about a product that you check them out. I want some of their sweat pants so badly, but I really need to finish cutting before I drop money on new pants only for them to fall off me in 2 months.
The benefit of pushing my back and biceps back by a day, is that I had some extra time where I was clearheaded and focused to tweak last weeks workout and make sure more areas are covered in a more efficient manner. I’m feeling good about the tweaks I made, and depending on how I feel after and the next day, I will adjust from there as well.
I decided that today would be my highcarb day for the week, because I knew I wanted to cook out with the kids. It also turned into a bit of a cheat day because we made strawberry shortcake too. Gave myself a mental break from counting for the day but stayed generally aware. It was so good. I made hamburgers and corn, we also had fresh watermelon and cantaloupe and some tomatoes. I accidentally picked up sugar free strawberry syrup for the shortcake. My body was not amused. Either that or the whipped cream. My body is kinda all what the heck did you put in me. Next time I want to do this, I will remember this moment.

What did you do for Labor Day?









And with that, I am 5 lbs away from the weight I graduated high school at. Which means I have lost 78lbs from my highest weight 5.5 years ago, 60lbs from my starting weight in January, and 55 since I did my first round of body spartan in march. I am also 15lbs lighter that when I got pregnant with my oldest 9 years ago.

Day 4!

Day 4…
It’s going a lot better… I finally hit a good state of ketosis earlier today. Had a great chest and tri workout this morning ( did 3 sets of chest presses with 2- 30lb weights for 12 reps) and then I came home and cleaned up some. I took the kids grocery shopping tonight and it went fairly smooth. At least as smooth as shopping with 3 kids can go. Had two amazingly awesome finds at the store!


The ice cream, half a serving has 3 carbs, and while I can’t give up those 3 carbs every day, it’s a nice treat that makes you feel like you aren’t restricted. The drink mix? Oh my gosh where has it been all my life? 10 calories and no carbs! Nipped the sweet craving I was having in the bud immediately. Tastes 100% like a jolly rancher. I’m finishing up the rest of my weeks meal prep right now. I’ve got some good variety going on and I’m happy. Just need to get the veggies going! Have a great night!

What’s your favorite low carb meal/treat?

Day 3…

Day 3…

Yesterday was day 3. I was reminded how important it is to eat on schedule the best you can. We got super busy at work and my meals got too spread out, which left me grumpy and then trying to squeeze the rest of my daily calories into a lot shorter period of time. I’m off today, so it should be easier to stay on track.
Lunch went well, nothing amazing, but I’ve only ever met one person who my first meeting with left me completely enamored and head over heels. I will never understand the whole concept of trying to convince someone to eat something so you don’t feel guilty. Yes one bite of chocolate cake will not hurt me , but then I have to move carbs and calories around that could be better spent elsewhere. If it was my high carb day would I have had the cake? Probably. Not the whole slice but a bite maybe two, but just because I’m choosing to not eat it doesn’t mean you can’t. I’m not going to make you feel guilty. Your goals are different than mine. It’s my choice to eat low carb for the next 11 and a half weeks, so I’m surely not going to make you suffer. I want the best possible results out of these 12 weeks so I will stick to it and continue to work my ass off to achieve.
Yesterday was my first time ever being able to do 30 straight minutes of Hiit cardio on the elliptical without stopping. I was super proud of myself. I started off with an hour of back and biceps. I felt really good about it. I’m feeling it in my back today, not in an injured way, but in a way I know I worked those muscles right. I think I need to increase my water today, I’m just feeling kinda bla and I know I didn’t take in as much as I normally do.
I have chest and tri up today. I’ve already sat down and written out a tentative plan so my ADHD doesn’t take over and I start working Lord knows what. Tomorrow will be shoulders and then I have two rest days. I’m hoping my body will reach full ketosis by Saturday so I can have a good high carb day before I am back on legs. Last time I hit ketosis so quickly, and I am kind of there but not quite. My carbs are dialed into a T, so I’m thinking it’s just taking longer since I have less fat to burn off. I know it can take some people 2 weeks of low carb to hit it. We shall see.



And then came the attitude…

It’s day 2. I had something written out. Then it got super rambly and nonsensical so I deleted it all. Welcome to day 2. Today was a cardio day, couldn’t get to the gym. Nailed my protein and carbs. Got my calories within 100(under) and my fats were about 5 over. I was a huge grumpy pain until dinner. The joys of not getting my way and getting back into the low carb groove. I hit the gym at 730 tomorrow for back and biceps. Moved shoulders to Thursday. Super excited for that day! Headed to bed because 6 am comes very early.
My kid is also a total smart ass, but I love him anyways.