Long Night

Long night…

It’s definitely been a long night… First off the arm isn’t broken by some miracle.  I thought for sure it would be.  I am very thankfully it’s not.  This summer would have been a disaster if it was.  I can’t even imagine trying to keep her out of the pool… We also have passes to a local water park.

Since I went straight to the hospital after the gym, it meant I missed my golden hour for post weight work out dinner.  I did take in a protein shake (optimum nutrition gold double rick chocolate) 24g of protein right there and only 3G of carbs.  Once we got home from the hospital I had some bacon and string cheese.  Super balanced meal right there let me tell you, but it’s low carb and high protein.  I take enough vitamins and supplements I’m not super worried.


Today was a leg day.  I also threw in tricep press and back extension on the machines for good measure, as well as the 30 minute express circuit (cardio/weights alternating through 20 stations on a timer).  I need to do better about putting some straight cardio in some where.  My typical routine is a 5 minute warm up on the treadmill, followed by an hour of weights. Then if I have a full two hours I do 20 minutes hard straight cardio and a 10 minute cool down.  If I don’t then I just cool down and try to do some cardio at home.  I was doing cardio before doing weights and a friend that body builds pointed me in the direction of some articles on glycogen and how if you are doing cardio first, you are risking injury by doing weights after, and the first 30ish minutes of your cardio are spent burning energy and not fat.  If you do your weights first you burn off the glycogen more constructively as well as build muscle that will burn fat all day long, as well as when you do your cardio it is all fat burning time.  If your goal is more endurance and stamina though by all means cardio away until your heart is content! It really is interesting to read up on and it totally made sense once it was broken down to me.

I left my gym note book at home and I felt so lost.. I’m not really sure where it is… I need to find it before Monday.  I ended up writing down my weights on scrap paper.  I think I improved on some and went too easy on others.  It could have been worse.  I’ll leave you with some pics.