I wrote this earlier, and for whatever reason, it went poof and is lost somewhere in the great wide cloud of nowhere.  However now I have the time to break it up into two entries instead of trying to quickly cram everything into one.  Currently I am at the hospital.  My dad had to have a procedure done this morning, and the labs were messed up,so we are doing it again, and i am waiting, since I am his ride home.  I was able to go to the gym during the first one, was tempted to go while they are doing this a second time, but in the name of not wanting to over train, I’m sitting here writing this.

So I went on a few dates with the guy that sent me the flowers.m we hung out a couple of times as well. Things seemed to be going well.n we went to dollywood last Sunday, and I haven’t really heard too much since then.  Probably for the best.  Things started to get a little weird Saturday and Sunday.  Without going into too much detail, we were making out on Saturday and he bit my arm.  Like bit it hard enough to leave a bruise. Twice. After I told him not to because it hurt.  He also doesn’t seem to like to be held accountable for his actions.  Seemed to be the type that would push it past the boundary line and then say but your outfit was so hot I couldn’t help it.

So we go to dollywood, everything seems to be going ok, first few rides have next to no line and we rush right through them.  We get to the new roller coaster and it has a 30-45 minute wait, no biggie, that’s normal for an amusement park.  Well 15ish minutes into waiting he starts. 

“I’m hungry and I get grumpy when I’m hungry”

“Oh.. Well we will get food when we get off this ride.”

Random small talk for 2-3 minutes

“Ya know… I’m hungry and I get grumpy when I’m hungry”

“I’m sorry… I didn’t bring my backpack of snacks like I do with the kids but we will get food when we get off the ride.”

More small talk for a few more minutes.

“I’m hungry.. I get grumpy when I’m hungry”

“Yeah.. We are almost to the ride we can eat soon.”


“I know.  You are hungry and you get grumpy.  We will eat as soon as we get out of line”

Like really? My 5 year old whines less.  Plus the whole time he tried to flirt by kicking at my feet or my butt. I had to remind him that I have an injured foot.  Once he “playfully” pushed on my back near my kidney, and I flat out told him if he knocked loose a kidney stone he would be taking me to the hospital and sitting with me.

The rest of the day at the park went well. On the ride home, it started again.

“I’m tired and when I’m tired I get grumpy.  Then I say things and that’s why my relationships never work out”

“Oh I’m sorry.. What do you say that they don’t like?”

“I don’t know just stuff”

Sit in silence for a few miles…

“I’m tired and when I’m tired I get grumpy and then I always say something and the person I’m with gets upset”

“Oh.. Well what do you say”

“I don’t know they just don’t like it”

Maybe 10 minutes later..

“I’m tired and I’m grumpy and then I say things that upset people”

“Oh well maybe you should just learn to not say those things then and focus on keeping your mouth shut.”

I’m pretty certain I pissed him off, but really? RRRREEEEAAAALLLLY? 

I haven’t really heard from him since then.  I haven’t exactly sought him out either.  Just little things didn’t sit well with me.  There was a pair of shorts at the amusement park and I made a comment about having a similar pair, and he was like well if you wear them around me I can’t be held responsible for what happens. 

Or when we were watching a movie, he told me he needed to leave at a certain time and then when that time came he was like I just need to close my eyes for 5 minutes, and I was like no, you aren’t sleeping here, wake up. When he first came over he wanted to keep kissing and I told him no because then later when you want to take it farther and I tell you no, you are going to get all pissy.  More than once he tried to push the boundaries after I told him no.  I can’t stand that crap. So really it’s no water off my back if I don’t hear from him again. I’m moving on.  I don’t need that type of relationship in my life.

Onto the next one.  Someday I will write about the man that has my heart that I can’t have for various reasons.  Today isn’t that day though.