sad…sad… sad day…

Sad… Sad… Sad day…

It was bound to happen.  I knew it was coming.  I just didn’t expect it to be today.  I got up, ate breakfast, told the kids to get ready to go to the store.  Put on some sweat pants, a bra, pulled my favorite size medium dolph Ziggler shirt out which was already way too big around the middle, and it’s no longer tight on my boobs.  I’m honestly surprised it waited this long to happen.  I mean c’mon boobs are made of fatty tissue when you lose weight they are bound to come down some as well.

I’ve been tracking my measurements for the last month closely and on the bright side, I’m losing weight proportionately. Well not quite, I’ve lost the most inches from my waist but I’m not going to complain about that.  I knew I had lost a bit from the chest area (2inches off the bra band 1 inch from the cup) but for whatever reason I wasn’t expecting to put on a shirt and it be too loose all over. Honestly they don’t look smaller, they look bigger, but yeah.  There is just something about having a top that fits perfectly across your chest.  I’m going to have to retire all my mediums to sleep and gym shirts soon.  I already started buying all my wwe shirts as smalls, I’m definitely going to have to rebuild my stash of t shirts.

I mean for real this shirt is swallowing me whole now.  Six months ago it was completely skin tight everywhere, and now when I stand up, I could wear it as a super short dress.  Oh and the front says it’s not showing off and the back says if you back it up.  I’m probably going to cut up the sides in some cute way because it will be a great gym shirt!



how to eliminate the crazy…

How To Eliminate The Crazy…

How to eliminate the crazy BEFORE giving out your number when online dating …
1. Begin conversation
2. Continue conversation
3. Get busy with something mid conversation
4. See if they respond while you were busy.
5. If multiple messages are left and they are like hey?
Where did you go?
Did I make you mad?
Why aren’t you talking to me?
It says you are online?
You could have told me you didn’t want to talk to me any more…
What did I do wrong?
Please write me back…
I really like you
I’m a nice person
I’m not crazy
Why are you being rude
I should have known you were a bitch
All the girls on here are just playing me
I don’t understand why you are being this way.
6. They are probably crazy and you shouldn’t give them your number…