December update

I’ve picked two shows, but I need to get the exact dates for them. The first one I below is in June, and the second will be in August. I’m still wiffle waffling between whether to compete in bikini or figure. I’ve made a lot more progress over the last 14 weeks than I had noticed.

I just don’t see me leaning out like a bikini girl. I see figure. I still have a ways to go but I am getting there.
I had an amazing leg workout day before yesterday..





Then I did back and biceps yesterday… I’ve been in the gym 12 of the last 14 days. Today is a rest day.
I’m starting to get back up above body weight on some of my exercises finally. I pulled a 140lb dead lift for 4 reps for the first time too.




Killing Time…

We just finished up at dollywood, and my mom came and drove, so I have some time to kill since I’m not driving. I don’t remember the last thing I wrote about, so as of Sunday I am down 7 pounds from week 6. I hadn’t show any loss in a few weeks so while 7lbs in one week is a lot, it had been building for awhile. I’m pretty certain most of it came off of my butt. Nothing I can do about that but work harder to build muscle there, or at least maintain what is there.

C and I went to a haunted house this weekend, I had never been to one before and we had a lot of fun.

I think he is planning on starting a 6 week shred some time soon? I don’t think he has any desire to compete just wants to lose the last few pounds he’s been hanging on to. I think he looks great how he is but I would never tell anyone not to strive to better themself. Should be interesting. We generally already work out together once or twice a week.

Anyways here is my current progress pictures



The grey and grey is week 6&7
This weeks back pictures


And a tricep shot with a bonus minion


Ch ch ch chaaaanges

Nothing super major. Swapped my main preworkout (platinum pre) for amino energy and saving the platinum pre for days I train after work or when I’m totally exhausted. I’m also going to try some silk amino acids post work out and have added in a small amount of creatine. I am expecting to see a small gain of water weight from that, but am interested to see what other gains come with it.

After 3-4 weeks of showing no loss, I had 4lbs drop off in 2 days. Despite the lack of loss, I have leaned out a lot. Except my shoulders where over the last 6 weeks I have put on 3 inches around. So not complaining about that I have been lifting my butt off. I’m down almost 5 inches at the most narrow part of my waist. I’ve taken an inch off my hips, and more than I want to admit has come off my chest.

Anyways picture time!




week 1 and week 6^



1 month difference


From today’s workout (I have a cold and pushed through and it sucked but I’m glad I did it.

Pre workout



During workout



After lifting and cardio





Fun Stats

Fun Stats…

I recorded my first workout in my notebook on April 18, 2014

It was a leg day

I maxed my leg press at 80lbs that day

I maxed my sitting calf extensions at 60lbs

My hip adductions and abductions were at 70lbs

Leg curls were at 40lbs

Leg extensions were also 40lbs

Three months later on July 17 my first full strength leg day after my broken foot

I maxed my hip adductions and abductions at 210 lbs

My leg press was 190lbs

My sitting calf extension 230lbs

Leg curls 80lbs (personal best 95 but technique was meh I’ve really focused on range of motion and have dropped the weight some)

Leg ext 75lbs(personal best 95)

At some point I added in standing calf extensions right before I broke my foot and I was at 160 lbs. I dropped way down while my foot was healing, but YESTERDAY I hit a new personal best of 170 lbs for 15 reps.

I wish I could post all my note book entries, but I have made so much progress. My arm days are so much stronger as well. I love seeing all my workouts written down and flip through my notes and progress. I will never ever throw my shoulder work out in with my back and bicep day again. It was just too much all together. I’m feeling it today for sure!

something happier…

Something Happier…

For the first time in 11 years I wore a true two piece bikini to the pool.  I don’t know why, but it have always felt more comfortable in a string bikini than a more traditional one with thick straps.  Also at the beginning of July I took some pics in the mirror of my back to see if I could make some progress and I am very pleased with the month of progress, especially since I was eating near maintenance calories and higher carbs.

It’s really going to boil down to diet and cardio to tone up that middle back, but it is getting there.

Getting better shape I’m the back too


just wow…

Just Wow…

So much going on.  Some of which I can’t write about partially because I don’t want to jinx it.  But I am very excited for something that may be happening next weekend for many reasons.

Second… I had a date last night, it went pretty well… Turns out he’s known my mom for years.. My mom didn’t set us up we just stumbled upon the realization through conversation.  I’ll probably see him again.  I got dressed up in one of my usual outfits.  It also happens to be the outfit I take progress pictures in and wow.  Just wow.

9 years…

9 years…

So when I graduated high school in 2003, I weighed 130lbs I was basically skinny fat.  When I was on swim team and taking dance, I wasn’t muscular but I was more healthy even though my weight was exactly the same.  After high school, I spent the summer working at a camp, i toned up and maybe weighed in at 5lbs less than when I graduated.  Then I went to beauty school and was in a not quite healthy relationship.  During beauty school, I probably gained 35-40lbs.  We wore scrubs every day and it was easy to not notice how much weight I had gained.. That is until I decided to get married, and realized that I needed to fit into a wedding dress and I was absolutely not going to buy a size 18 dress.  We ordered my dress in either a 14 or a 16, I honestly don’t remember now, but I was going to have to lose weight drastically for it to fit, and I did, but not in a healthy way.  I greatly restricted my diet and took hydroxycut.  The GOOD stuff. Not the thing you buy on shelves now, and when I say good, I don’t mean healthy, I mean the type that actually worked but wasn’t good for you at all, especially if you weren’t eating and drinking correctly.  I ended up fitting into the dress and got down to 4lbs heavier than I am now.  

I look at the pictures now and think how can I be only 4lbs lighter than then, but so much smaller.  The answer isn’t hard, it’s because this time, I have eaten well, and I have exercised.  Not just cardio, but I bust my tail doing weights as well.  I drink close to a gallon a water a day, and eat 6ish times a day.  Sometimes I really wish that I had the knowledge then that I have now.  Maybe I never would have gotten to where I was, or maybe I would have.  Who knows, but the pics further motivate me to continue doing things the right way.

Me in high school.


9 years ago right before my wedding

Recent pictures


Now don’t get me wrong I still have a long way to go, but this me is going to be healthier and happier than the me who thought she was losing weight the right way 9 years ago.